Club RunsNew Club Run Arrangements

New arrangements for Club Runs from March 2017

The committee have been looking at the rides we currently offer and based on feedback received believe there is a desire for a slight refreshing of the three ride format. We are also aware that our attempts at widening the demographic have to date have had limited success.

Therefore from March we will offer the following:

Introductory Ride

The objective of this ride is to introduce new riders to the club, teach riding safely in a group and advise the minimum required to be self-sufficient on the road in the event of any mechanical issues. The ride is primarily designed for riders who are new to the club and is not intended to be another club run, however if club members wish to partake on the ride they would be welcome to do so with the proviso they help the ride leader.

To differentiate the ride from the Club runs this ride will be held on a Saturday afternoon and will depart from the One Leisure car park in St Neots. Ride length will be circa 30 lasting up to two hours. Frequency, will be dependent upon interest, however expectations are either monthly or bi-monthly.


Club Runs

Short ride

A social ride of circa 30 miles at an average page of 15-16 mph. An ideal introduction to the club’s Sunday ride format for those who have taken part in either the introductory ride or haven’t ridden with the club before. It is also a perfect ride for the time pressed cyclist.

Duration up to 2 hours, leaving from the Market Square 8:30AM every Sunday morning.

Training ride

A fast paced training ride usually undertaken on a short loop. Summer rules apply in that if you get dropped then the group will not wait. Riders will be able to re-join the group on the next loop. Suited to a time crunched cyclist looking for something a little pacier than a club run.

Duration up to 2 hours, leaving from the Market Square 8:30AM every Sunday morning.

Medium ride

A social ride of between 45-55 miles. Pace ranges from 17mph - 19mph with an average duration of 2:45 hours. Dependent upon numbers the group may split into smaller sized groups of similar abilities. Leaving every Sunday from the Market Sq., St Neots 8:30

Long ride

A social ride averaging between 55-65 miles. Pace ranges from 18-20mph with an average duration of 3:30 hours. Leaving every Sunday from the Market Sq., St Neots 8:30

During the summer months when the weather and conditions allow we will look to offer longer rides that will leave earlier from the Square.

Café Ride

A social ride of between 50-60 miles with a stop half way round at a suitable café. Dependent upon interest this ride will be held on the first Sunday of every month. Pace circa 17 mph and a duration 3-4 hours

Away Days

Whilst we may not be blessed with the best riding the UK has to offer we are not too far from those who are. We will occasionally look at organising rides away from the Market Square over the course of the year. The plan is for a Rutland ride in March, further details to follow.


With the exception of the training ride all rides are deemed as social and riders should be respectful and conscious of the abilities of the other riders within their group. Smooth and even paced riding will always result in a faster more efficient group compared to half-wheeling, surging, charging up hills and Strava KOM hunting and we all have a duty to call out bad riding that disrupts the flow of the group.The Group should only begin to separate within the last km or so as the finish draws near and the pace picks up.

We all have days when we are below par and the social groups should always ensure no one is left behind or hanging off the back, however riders should also be honest with themselves in what group their current fitness levels dictate they should be in.

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